Bike Charlotte

Biking in Charlotte, NC

Watch out for that kid

The weekends brings out the families.

The dad, mom and 2 kids riding down the trails. The dad trying to teach the kids the rules of the road, and the kids having a grand time zigzagging all over the place.

I ring my bicycle bell, letting them know I’m approaching, but it does not buy me safe passage all of the time. So I end up in the tall grass that lines the sides of the trails, hoping I don’t hit a pothole or scare up a snake.

I enjoy riding on the weekends, since there are more people to share the experience with, but you have to pay much more attention. During the week, I can go as fast as I can, knowing that whoever is out there, are regulars who know the rules of the road. Faster traffic to the left.

MTB: distance 28.42 miles, average speed 14.4 mph.