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Shifting into big chain ring

Went out early today, glad I have a bike shop close by.

After warming up, I tried to shift into the big chain ring. Nothing I tried got the chain into the big chain ring so I could pick up my speed. I wasn’t about to do the whole ride spinning like crazy, so I headed over to Ultimate Bike to have it checked it out.

Kyle, the mechanic on duty, had a look at it and it started to shift for him, go figure. He did make a little adjustment and I was on my way going at the spin rate I’m used to riding at. I’m so happy I have a bike shop such a short distance from the McAlpine Greenway.

I tried to do more miles today that I did yesterday, but I started to bonk, even though I ate a banana by the lake midway in the ride. It looks like it’s going to take a few more rides before my body can take the longer distances, or else I’m limping home raiding the fridge as soon as I arrive.

MTB: distance 17.43 miles, average speed 10.4 mph.