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Cleaned the mountain bike

Gave the Trek Fuel 70 a good cleaning yesterday.

For a 6 year old bike, it’s still holding up pretty good. With a bio-degradable degreaser and a tooth brush, I cleaned up all the built up grime on the drive train. Gave the frame a good washing, and shined up the tires with Armour All.

Couldn’t wait to take it for a spin today, but had to wait for the trails to dry since it had rained overnight. I wasn’t about to get it all muddy after having spent two hours making it all shiny and looking like a new bike.

The bike rode great, shifting a whole lot better than before. Did a somewhat casual ride today, I’ll pick up the speed tomorrow. Easy does it as I get back in shape.

MTB: distance 19.38 miles, average speed 13.1 mph.