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4th broken spoke

Towards the end of yesterday’s ride, I noticed the rear wheel wobbling a bit. After the ride an inspection turned up another broken spoke. That’s 4 now, heck I could of been well on my way towards a wheel rebuild by now.

After I finished up the yard, Mondays is our usual work on the lawn day, I rode the bike over to Ultimate Bicycle. Mike, the owner, and I discussed my options. A new wheel off the rack, a wheel rebuild, or maybe trade up towards a new bike.

Mike showed me this really nice Trek, a cross between a road and mountain bike. Slimmer tires than a mountain bike, but not as skinny as a road bike. Front suspension, Shimano components and a nice color scheme. Since I normally ride the Greenway, I’m not out there rock jumping, it would be a bike that would get me around quite a bit faster.

I opted to have a new spoke installed. When the 5th spoke breaks I’ll make up my mind, wheel rebuild or a new bike.

MTB: distance 19.12 miles, average speed 14.0 mph.