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10 more lbs. of air pressure

From the start of this year’s riding season, I was running with 50 lbs. of air pressure in the tires. This gives me a more cushioned ride and I needed it for my body to get used to the jarring of the trails.

Today I went to 60 lbs. of air pressure in the tires and instantly gained more speed on the trails. My body is used to hours in the saddle by now, and anyway the mountain bike has full suspension, so it’s not that stiff of a ride.

The temperature was great, so I decided to put in some more miles. I had a banana in my jersey but didn’t need it until after the ride to recoup. Those glazed doughnuts I’ve been eating lately are keeping me from bonking.

MTB: distance 28.12 miles, average speed 14.1 mph.