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Hunka hunka burning lungs

Saturday July 18, 2015

Made it out early today, and it was still too hot.

On the way back from the lake, with the wind in my face, my lungs started to burn. The heat coming off the main trail was unbearable, and it was like 10 in the morning.

I’m going to have to get out as soon as I wake tomorrow morning, forego getting on the computer and checking emails, forum threads, etc.

distance 8.40 miles, average speed 12.4 mph.


Dodging heavy equipment

Wednesday July 15, 2015

Looks like the City of Charlotte is in fast pace mode to get the McAlpine done by August 1.

This morning it was not an easy ride, so I only did one loop around the McAlpine. There was quite a lot of activity on the main trail, I was dodging heavy machinery, it was a hair raising dust breathing ride.

It’s been hard to get out lately, the temperatures have been so hot, that early mornings are the only time to ride. But that’s when the city is out there with their toys.

Also, I’m spending quite a lot time on my computers lately, the wee hours creep up unnoticed, it’s 3 or 4am before I make it to bed.

distance 8.72 miles, average speed 12.2 mph.


All work, no play

Saturday July 4, 2015

Long days and nights on the keyboard.

Finally made it out today, felt good, muddy trails here and there. A rain front was moving in, made for a windy ride, fast one way, into the wind the other way.

Aired up the tires, flying on the packed dirt, thankfully the full suspension keeps it tires down. My speed is picking up, the quads are defined, how quickly old muscle comes back.

distance 13.35 miles, average speed 13.4 mph.


Like being in an oven

Monday June 29, 2015

The last couple of weeks have been brutally hot. Not just high temperature hot, but like that burst of hot air that comes out of your oven when you’re taking out the cake.

Well, it’s been like that, no outside activities for any of us. A couple of days ago it rained, with the clouds came a cooling off, I took advantage and mowed the lawn yesterday. I finally got to ride today, it was hot, but not oven mitt hot.

Tried to pick up where I had left off a week ago, for the first couple of miles, I was feeling great, I could pedal with ease. 5 miles in, my quads started to take notice, by mile 8, my lungs chimed in. Fresh legs thoughout my ride oh fair Genie.

distance 12.84 miles, average speed 13.8 mph.


Rain to cool things off

Saturday June 20, 2015

We had some needed rain yesterday.

This morning, it wasn’t was hot as it was all week, last night’s rain cooled off the scorching ground. Got out on the bike around 9am, temps were in the mid 70’s and remained that way throughout my ride.

What a scorcher we had this week, is this what we’re going to experience moving forward? Brutally cold winters and energy draining hot and humid summers, no more spring and fall to speak of.

distance 15.40 miles, average speed 12.6 mph.