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Watch out for that kid

Saturday May 19, 2012

The weekends brings out the families.

The dad, mom and 2 kids riding down the trails. The dad trying to teach the kids the rules of the road, and the kids having a grand time zigzagging all over the place.

I ring my bicycle bell, letting them know I’m approaching, but it does not buy me safe passage all of the time. So I end up in the tall grass that lines the sides of the trails, hoping I don’t hit a pothole or scare up a snake.

I enjoy riding on the weekends, since there are more people to share the experience with, but you have to pay much more attention. During the week, I can go as fast as I can, knowing that whoever is out there, are regulars who know the rules of the road. Faster traffic to the left.

MTB: distance 28.42 miles, average speed 14.4 mph.


Where's the wind blowing?

Friday May 18, 2012

Before heading out today, I consulted the weather wane.

After having a rough ride of it yesterday, I made sure I knew which way the wind was blowing today. Before I headed out I consulted every weather web site I could find and they all agreed that the wind was blowing from the NE.

With this information at hand, I adjusted my laps around the McAlpine accordingly. I was exposed on the main trail with a comfortable tailwind, and hid amongst the trees on the inner trails where I encountered minimal headwinds.

The weekend approaches, time to up the miles and pick up the speed. The bicycle bell is going to get a workout.

MTB: distance 21.90 miles, average speed 14.3 mph.


Gusty and Dusty

Thursday May 17, 2012

The gusts of wind made for a hard ride.

The wind was blowing in all directions, I almost got knocked down a few times. You can imagine the amount of dust and crap flying in the air, all getting into my nose and eyes.

We had some heavy rain last night, so again we await the trails to get dried up. There are puddles of mud everywhere, sometimes I slow, sometimes I don’t really care.

Got some sunscreen at CVS today, SPF 70.

MTB: distance 21.63 miles, average speed 13.6 mph.


10 more lbs. of air pressure

Wednesday May 16, 2012

From the start of this year’s riding season, I was running with 50 lbs. of air pressure in the tires. This gives me a more cushioned ride and I needed it for my body to get used to the jarring of the trails.

Today I went to 60 lbs. of air pressure in the tires and instantly gained more speed on the trails. My body is used to hours in the saddle by now, and anyway the mountain bike has full suspension, so it’s not that stiff of a ride.

The temperature was great, so I decided to put in some more miles. I had a banana in my jersey but didn’t need it until after the ride to recoup. Those glazed doughnuts I’ve been eating lately are keeping me from bonking.

MTB: distance 28.12 miles, average speed 14.1 mph.


48 hours of rain

Tuesday May 15, 2012

The rain started to fall on Mother’s Day and it finally came to a stop early this morning.

We needed the rain, the tree pollen was pretty bad and the grass was drying out. With the cost of water in the city of Charlotte, there’s nobody watering their lawn these days.

Had two days to eat all I wanted, I gained a much needed 2 pounds. Felt much better on today’s ride, though it was slow going with the muddy trails. By the end of ride, me and the bike needed to be hosed down.

By Friday, the trails should be all dried up and it’s time to put the hammer down.

MTB: distance 21.77 miles, average speed 13.6 mph.